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One of my best friends and college neighbor, @LandoJax joins me to talk health, nutrition and sanity.  I'll have this guy on many more times in the future.  Enjoy!

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I sat down with my friends and stand up comics, Tarrell Wright and Sean Kelly.  They are stars of the hit truTV series: Storage Hunters.  check them out and catch one of their sets live in LA or San Diego.  They're ysterical and I was honored to have them hang in TheCherryTree with me.  Enjoy.  And sorry for the hot audio.. I didn't have my normal mic set up and you can tell... 

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Porn legend and friend @VooDooPornstar lays down some serious knowledge about the porn industry and life's relationships.  Share, Rate and Subscribe!

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While you are waiting on episode 5 of The Cherry Tree Podcast - Here is an episode I did on my friend Robert Garza's show called: The Pursuit Podcast.  We had a blast, I get really personal and we try to figure some shit out about why some people out work others.  He's a great host and a great guy- Check him out on twitter @garzarobert or at his website:    -  ENJOY THIS SHIT

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In this episode I have two incredible sexy women with me- Meghan Tonjes and Frankie Norstad.  We talk SEX, DRUGS & MUSIC.  Meghan is fine with fucking strangers while sober and Frankie thinks of a certain hooker everytime she gets out of the shower.  

You're welcome for this episode.  #Enjoy

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We talk a bunch of nonsense on this one and I don't give movies enough credit.  We also laugh a lot and reminisce.  Enjoy.

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I talk to my good friend Mike Scollan @mikescollan about the effects of Sandy for a gas trader like himself and his brother Garin Scollan @garinscollan tells me #Twitter is the only place to get the news, especially if you're a sports fan. We travel back to college to discuss our disbelief that we all survived and I talk some shit about reality TV and other things that make me angry.. PLUS @TommyMarbles calls in for a quick story.

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The very first podcast was only fitting to do with Tommy Dunseith (@TommyMarbles).  He has been one of the biggest inspirations throughout my life.  Epicness will follow-

This podcast has no name and the reason why I'm so fucking angry with Reality TV!

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